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Officially Licensed Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes Protectorate of Menoth Command Book Upgrade

Product Code: 0341 Category: Protectorate of Menoth

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This set includes the tokens for the models released after the Mk3 initial release and can be found in the Faction's Command Book!

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  • Description


    This set includes the following tokens:

    Upkeep (1)
    - Redline

    Spells (6)
    - Incite
    - Manifest Destiny
    - The Flesh is Weak
    - Enliven
    - Guided Hand
    - Stranglehold

    Game Effects (8)
    - Flare
    - Shifting Sands Stance
    - Righteous Fury
    - Battle-Driven
    - Grievous Wounds
    - Shield Wall
    - Ashes of Urcaen
    - Righteous Vengeance

    Choir Tokens (12)
    - Battle x 4
    - Passage x 4
    - Shielding x 4

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