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Officially Licensed Privateer Press Warmachine and Hordes Cygnar 2018 Update Pack

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This set contains tokens for Cygnar that came out after the MK 3 Command Book. It includes the CID changes to Kraye, Siege 2, Patrol Dog, Hitch, Falk, and Trencher Combat Engineers. All for 15$. The specific tokens are listed Below.

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This set includes the following tokens:

Upkeep (3)
- Admonition
- Countermeasure
- Hallowed Avenger

Spells (2)
- Horsepower
- Lock the Target

Game Effects (7)
- Desperate Pace
- Noisy
- Press the Advantage
- Rune Marked
- Sabotage
- Target Priority
- Tenacity

Beacon (4)

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