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Custom Orders - Custom

Custom Orders

We gamers develop a sense of pride in ownership and a love of personalization for our miniatures, paint jobs, conversions and play styles. We at Broken Egg Games strive to provide you, our customers, with premium options for the different games we enjoy. In order to better meet your personal needs we offer custom options on several of our products.




Custom Miniature Display Trays


We are able to make our miniature display trays out of several materials not offered on the website. This includes exotic hard woods such as Peruvian Walnut, Purple Heart and African Padauk to alternative hardwoods such as Ash and Maple. We can offer acrylic cut designs and more!


We endeavor to create our trays with the whole gaming community in mind and offer products that meet most consumers’ desires. We realize that there are several customers out there just like you that would be more satisfied with an alternate choice to what we offer on the website in terms of how our trays are cut, shaped and configured.

Custom Gaming Enhancements

Precision Tools

Are you looking to have a team or store name or logo placed on your measuring tools or are you simply tired of other gamers “misplacing” your templates and measuring tools. We can add names, logos and more to almost any order of our gaming enhancements to make sure your needs are met.


Need a little reminder of that effect in play but are tired of you or your opponent being confused by the token, bead or dice that you are currently using? We are able to help you create any number of unique custom tokens to meet your specific needs.





Disclaimer: Pricing and completion times on custom items will vary due to change of pricing in materials, development time and previous orders. Broken Egg Games will not be held liable for the misuse of any copyrighted or trademarked materials requested by our customers. All customers assume the responsibility to obtain permission of use of copyrighted materials. Broken Egg Games is no responsible of any agreements made by the consumer and our third party references.

Ready To Go Custom?

If you have any comment, questions, concerns about a custom order please us at +1-619-928-GAME or support@brokenegggames.com to speak with a Broken Egg Games representative. Do you know what you are looking for and want to place an order? Reach out to us and allow our design team to walk you through the available options and get what is truly right for you.