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About Us

About Us

Delivering class-leading innovation to the tabletop to immerse our customers in their gaming world.



Adam Oligschlaeger

Owner, CEO, Product Developer

After receiving a request for a custom miniature display tray, Adam began the task of creating the world’s highest quality miniature display tray. Broken Egg Games was soon after developed to foster an excellent line of gaming accessories and lay the groundwork for Adam’s own game company. An avid war gamer of 20+ years, Adam is a classically trained educator and carpenter. He often enjoys starry nights, frosty beverages and role playing with friends.


Kris "Explosivo" Johnson

Lead Designer and Artist

Better known by his pseudonym, Kris has been Warmachine Veteran gamer for over a decade, being the convention scene wild-child in the Mark I days of Warmachine and Hordes. Since then, he's mellowed down, gotten a haircut, and become a family man! He founded Mekanika Studio, where he creates gorgeous trophies, utilitarian painting racks, and other such gaming accessories. A founding member of Warmachine Weekend, Kris provides much needed insight into the world of product beautification. As the Broken Egg Games lead designer, he has a hand in a lot of our work, and many of you use his amazing artwork on a weekly basis on your gaming nights! Now he plays mostly X-Wing and Star Wars: Destiny, rolling deep with them Sith Lords.


Sam "I Play That, Too!" Angus

Shipping and Packaging Manager

With the agility of a French Parkour enthusiast, Sam comes from a background of Martial Arts to kick ass and take names on the Broken Egg Games floor. Almost every order goes through Sam's tender care, and he makes sure to lick every envelope just right. He's been to a couple of shows, and will be expanding his convention presence as we let him out of his cage some more. As for games, he plays them. ALL OF THEM. He has more games to play than he has days in the year, and when they bury him they can build a pyramid out of his models. Between Warmachine/Hordes, Infinity, Dropfleet Commander, Dropzone Commander, Age of Sigmar, 40k, various card games and roleplaying games, it's a wonder Sam has time to eat!


Zafar "Zee" Tejani

General Manager

The Broken Egg Games Biggest Loser Bet winner, Zee has transformed both Broken Egg Games and himself over his previous year with the company. His easygoing demeanor, charming Indian-ish accent, and quick-to-laugh personality have made him indispensable to the customers and the Broken Egg Games family. A gamer of 16 years, he made a small splash in the WM competitive scene during MkI. Zee offers a phenomenal perspective on our ever-expanding line of products thanks to his experience with games such as Warmachine, Infinity, X-Wing, Destiny, Game of Thrones LCG, and others. As our main vein of communication, Zee is the person that you speak with or email in regard to company matters. His daily routines involve marketing, social media presence, customer service, retailer support, convention planning, and corralling the manufacturing staff. You will see him at nearly every show where Broken Egg Games is present. Stop by and say hello!


Grant "Baratheon" Parker

Floor and Production Manager

Grant stands at an imposing 11 feet tall [from some of our vantages, anyways] and is truly the giant of House Broken Egg Games. An avid gamer for many years, he got his start in the GW games before bouncing around to various others. He mostly collects armies now, but he still plays A Game of Thrones LCG and the Lord of the Rings Miniatures Game. While he may not be a familiar face to many, his stalwart nature and meme-addiction make him a fantastic mainstay in the Broken Egg Games team. As the Floor and Production Manager, he is in charge of your orders and the production of the various items that you purchase!